Admission To Hospital Carries Battlefield Risk Of Death

Here is a recent study which gives new meaning to the idea that being a patient in a hospital is like being in a battle.

The Alliance for Natural Health International has compared a variety of health risks. It demonstrated that the risk of dying from in-hospital preventable injuries is equal to the risk of dying as a solider deployed to a war zone in Iraq or Afghanistan.

And your risk of dying from an adverse pharmaceutical drug reaction is greater than the risk you experience if you were a scuba diver or motorcycle rider. This reminds me of the medical study I read which advised physicians not to prescribe drugs which had not been on the market for less than seven years, unless there is no alternative, because the risk of suffering a significant side effect was too great!

If you are going into hospital, make sure friends and family are there for you as advocates. And if you have to take a prescription drug, go for the drug which has been on the market longer, unless you have no choice.