Cerebral Palsy Steps Out

I have had the great honour of helping young cerebral palsy clients bring legal claims for birth injury, so when the Cerebral Palsy Associations in Canada invited participation in their September 2015 fund raising and fitness campaign, I was happy to help.

I signed up to do 10,000 steps a day through September and found out that to take 10,000 steps a day is not an easy feat. I often walk for 20 minutes between my office, and I found out that the steps required to go one way are just over 2000. That leaves only 8000 to go!

Steps are counted by a thumb-sized digital device courtesy of September, which you can clip on to your belt or other piece of clothing, or wear on a lanyard.

The CP Associations say that the average office worker takes just 3000 steps a day. To raise the bar I’m staying active. The fundraiser provides a web site at www.Steptember.ca and a dashboard that provides a snapshot of each participant’s activity. Tips for healthy living are given as well.

Of course, many CP children cannot walk, or have considerable difficulty with walking due to damage in the brain caused by oxygen deprivation or lack of adequate blood profusion. Many CP kids have intellectual deficits. Many others are relatively functional, because CP is a spectrum disorder.

Experts estimate that between 10 and 15% of cerebral palsy is due to injury which incurred around the time of birth and which was preventable. These cases are always complex and difficult, but the damages potential can be in the millions of dollars.

If you have a family member who may have been injured at birth through the fault of medical care providers, like obstetricians, residents or nurses, you should talk to an experienced birth trauma lawyer. Patient Injury Law would be pleased to consider your inquiry, free of charge and without obligation.