Ches Crosbie Recognized As Local Litigation Star

A new peer-review publication listing Canada’s Leading Litigation Firms & Attorneys just landed on my desk from the publishers of Institutional Investor.  Basically, litigation means fighting in court.  Or from a kinder and gentler standpoint, conflict resolution through the use of court process.  And I am mentioned in it.

This new publication adds to two other peer review publications called Lexpert and Best Lawyers. I have been listed in both of these, and naturally I am pleased to note that my name appears in this additional publication as a “local litigation star” under the section for The Atlantics. The publication appears to be oriented towards institutional, corporate and defence law firms, and only four lawyers from the plaintiff injury bar are listed in the whole Atlantic region.  Naturally, I am pleased that I am one of them, as are my friends Ray Wagner, John McKiggan, and Matt Napier, all in Halifax.

I don’t know if Benchmark Canada is meeting an unmet market need or not with this listing of stars in court proceedings, but it does serve the useful function for consumers of identifying those whom other lawyers assess as being leaders in the field of litigation. So this kind of peer review assessment can be useful to consumers in helping them to decide on who might be the right lawyer for their case.

Congratulations to everyone whose name has been included as a local litigation star!