Class Action Lawsuits: Instigating Change

One main goal of class action lawsuits is to initiate systematic changes that prevent more harm, error, negligence, and wrong doing from happening in the future.

Two of my class action lawsuits in Newfoundland and Labrador include the Breast Cancer Testing Class Action, settled in 2005, and the Moose Class Action, dismissed. The victims in these cases are highly deserving of compensation from those at fault, however the purpose goes beyond that. These class actions aimed to hold parties at fault accountable and identify and instigate systematic changes that provide a safe future environment for the public.

The Cameron inquiry that resulted from the province’s Breast Cancer Testing scandal recommended 29 changes to Eastern Health to improve quality control. As of July 2013, 28 of these recommendations have been implemented, in addition to the $17.5-million class action settlement won for the patients affected by testing errors.

The Moose Class Action, although it was dismissed, sparked government to carry out pilot projects that address the issue of moose on our highways and resulting accidents. The fencing pilot project on the West Coast of Newfoundland and Labrador has seen much success.

The class action lawsuits in these cases can be understood to have improved conditions for everyone who uses the Eastern Health care system and highways of Newfoundland. That’s what class action lawsuits are about.