Finding The Perfect Lawyer For You (And The Perfect Client For Me)

It’s important to put serious thought into hiring your lawyer because it’s easy enough to end up with one you don’t like.

If you get stuck with a medical malpractice lawyer you really don’t see eye to eye with, you may have to endure this frustrating relationship for a couple years, until the completion of your case! You’re going through enough stress as an injury claimant already, so it’s best to do some research up front and hire the right lawyer for you.

That said, it makes the consumer’s job a lot easier if law firms have a system for screening out clients with whom they would not be able to work well. Just like clients can have the lawyer from hell, lawyers can have the client from hell.

In fact, a lawyer we know has a story to tell about the family law client from hell…

The saga spanned over 10 years and started when the lawyer’s firm was hired to collect some arrears from a spouse living in Ontario. At first the deadbeat spouse appeared the villain, but as the saga unfolded, the greater villain turned out to be the client herself. She did not want to pay him, and did everything including level charges of perjury (willfully telling an untruth under oath) to avoid doing so. None of this was accepted by taxing masters or courts, or by the Law Society to whom she made a complaint. The firm was ultimately vindicated and virtually their full statement of account was ordered to be paid by the Supreme Court Trial Division.

Enough clients like this one could drive a lawyer to give up practice!

Patient Injury Law has a positive program of attracting clients who are the perfect client for us – the exact type of client the firm wants to serve. We do this by offering free information to consumers on our website. The free information we provide is intended to educate consumers so that they can make the choices which are best for them.

If a consumer likes how we do things or reads our free information, and decides that he or she has a medical malpractice or wrongful death problem that we can help with, then the odds are good that we have the perfect client – and they have the perfect lawyer.