Finding The Right Lawyer For Your Personal Injury Case

One indicator a consumer can use to find the lawyer that is right for them is independent ratings by other lawyers. These peer reviews are conducted on the theory that other lawyers should have a pretty good idea about who is a good lawyer in their field.

It is a bit like the old saw, if you want to know if the surgeon is any good, ask the anesthetist. He or she is in a good position to know.

Two lawyer rating services in use in Canada are Lexpert and Best Lawyers. For example, Lexpert notified me that I am included in their list of recommended lawyers in the personal injury category. This recommendation cannot be bought or purchased. I have been recommended by Lexpert for quite a number of years now.

So, finding a lawyer who is recommended by peer review services – other lawyers – is a pretty good start to finding the lawyer who is right for you. The personal injury category includes subspecialty areas such as medical malpractice.

It is worth the effort to do some research before you make a choice in something as important as hiring a personal injury lawyer. It increases the likelihood, that what can otherwise be a difficult experience of finding and hiring a lawyer, will be remembered as a satisfying experience by the client and the lawyer too.