How Would You Like It If Your Peers Called You “Quirky And Peculiar”?

Actually, I don’t mind at all.

Great results for clients that stand out from the crowd require lawyers who also stand out from the crowd. And the comment from one of my competitors follows the observation in Benchmark that “among peers in that region [Newfoundland and Labrador], praise is resounding and unanimous.”

Benchmark Canada is a peer review publication for finding lawyers, which bills itself as “the definitive guide to Canada’s leading litigation firms & attorneys”. I just got my copy.

The competitor who made the “quirky and peculiar” comment immediately followed that with “but the best in the city, he works very diligently and is very competent.” I will take quirky and peculiar any day, if it’s followed by compliments like that. Or compliments like this one from another lawyer:

He’s very effective, and he’s also very creative and knowledgeable. He will push the matter forward.

At Patient Injury Law, that’s just what I do – apply my knowledge and creativity to push the matter forward in accordance with the client’s priorities. I apply this creativity and knowledge on behalf of people injured in medical malpractice and other accidental injuries that result in class action lawsuits.

And if you want creativity, knowledge, diligence and competence – and what injury victim wouldn’t? – then give me a call.