On Settling Case Over Bextra

I settled a case for a client against pharma giant Pfizer. While taking Bextra at a high dosage, the client’s husband had a devastating stroke.

This happened a few years ago, and soon after Bextra and related drug Celebrex were withdrawn from the market. The class actions in the United States and Canada started soon thereafter. The settlement, which my firm is pleased to have conducted, obtained for the client the full amount of compensation available from the settlement of the Canadian class action against Pfizer in relation to Bextra and Celebrex.

The client is thrilled with the settlement, and the money will mean a great deal to her and her family and their quality of life.

There is always satisfaction for the lawyer who is able to help injured people. Compensation for the injured is one of the main purposes of tort law, the branch of law in which manufacturers of defective and even dangerous products are held accountable to the public by way of private remedies in damages. Bad drugs are one of these defective products.

But deterrence – or behavior modification of wrongdoers – is also one of the purposes of tort law, and in the field of bad drug litigation, with such vast amounts of money being made from bad drugs, multi-million and even multi-billion dollar settlements and fines are brushed off as speeding tickets.