Your Ultimate Success Is Determined By Your Attitude Towards Failure

Personal injury cases are like other important events in life. They can result in success, or they can result in failure. On a one-off basis, success or failure can be just a matter of luck living up against us. And sometimes we can have a run of bad luck.

What matters for ultimate success is our attitude towards failure. I once sat next to a sitting Supreme Court Justice and a former Prime Minister at dinner. It was to mark the investiture of my father, John C. Crosbie, as an Officer of the Order of Canada.

Somehow the topic came up of what makes for a success in life. The justice and former Prime Minister both agreed that the most essential characteristic for success is the quality of resilience, the ability to bounce back from failure and adversity.

Successful people do not succeed without many failures. They just don’t let failure define them. They accept that failure is not only acceptable, it is useful in life’s journey. And they know how to bounce back from failure and how to ultimately prevail.