Why I Do What I Do

The work that I do serves the purpose of providing for the emotional and financial security of my family. And most of the people who hire me at Patient Injury Law do so for much the same reason: to provide for the emotional and financial security of their families.

Some personal injuries caused by medical malpractice interfere with a person’s ability to earn a living. Some don’t. Some injuries cause expenses to mount for therapy and other care which isn’t covered by insurance. Other injuries, not so much. And some injuries are life changing in their effects, and result in large income losses and large expenses to provide care for the special needs of the injured.

I saw an example of life-altering injury and the financial costs it can create in The St. John’s Telegram recently, which carried a story about Claire Baker, who at 7 years old, has the mental capacity of a 2 or 3 year old and will not develop any further.

Claire has cerebral palsy, cannot walk and is non-verbal. 

The Telegram states that the needed modifications to home and vehicles are “staggering”, costing her parents about $80,000 more than a healthy child would have.

The Bakers say that they are caught in a bind. They have enough income so that they do not qualify for government assistance, but not enough income that they can afford the assistive devices and adaptations made necessary by Claire’s cerebral palsy.

Sometimes cerebral palsy can be prevented by medical interventions which are indicated around the time of birth. Often it cannot be prevented, and I have no idea whether Claire’s brain injury was preventable or not. Perhaps Claire’s parents went to an experienced medical malpractice lawyer and had the possibility of a legal claim investigated. But they are also providing for Claire’s emotional and financial security by talking to The Telegram, getting the attention of a supportive public, and developing a Go Fund Me page, which has raised about half of the $27,000 for a medical bed needed to keep Claire safe. The page can be found by searching “medical safety bed for Claire” on GoFundMe.com.

At Patient Injury Law, I bring the same kind of focus to my clients’ needs as Claire’s parents have brought to Claire’s needs. I know my clients, whether their legal claims are small or large, are seeking to provide for the emotional and financial security of their families.