Miramichi Pathology Class Action

Pathology Errors In Miramichi Between 1995 And 2007

Ches Crosbie’s Patient Injury Law and Wagners law firm in Halifax, Nova Scotia are taking a class action lawsuit on behalf of persons affected by the pathology errors at Miramichi Regional Health Authority from 1995 to 2007. The lawsuit is filed against pathologist Rajgopal Menon for incompetence in reporting pathology results, and against the Miramichi Regional Health Authority for negligent hiring. Thousands of patients were affected by Dr. Menon’s pathology errors and most of his incorrect reports involved cancer. A review of tissue samples taken from about 15,000 patients showed that Dr. Menon had an error rate of 22.8% in 12 years of employment.

Were You Affected By The Pathology Errors?

If you were affected by the pathology errors of Dr. Menon and the Miramichi Regional Health Authority, contact Wagners law office at 1-800-465-8794 for more information and to enlist in the action.


I'm relieved to know that closure is in sight to the letter that brought "my personal world crumbling" over 3 years ago with the notification that my original pathology of 1997 had been botched! It has been a long drawn out process! I feel as a result of the Cameron Enquiry lessons have been learned and hopefully future diagnoses will be diligently viewed through the lens of "state of the art" equipment only. Thank you Mr. Crosbie for your dedication, perseverance, and bringing justice back to the "health care" table --- you are to be highly commended for your representation.
Vivian Templeman
Logy Bay, NL