Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice In Newfoundland And Labrador

Having a bad medical outcome does not necessarily mean that medical malpractice or medical negligence occurred. Sometimes a health professional, whether it’s a doctor, nurse, chiropractor, or other practitioner, does everything right and there’s still an unfortunate result. In situations like these, there’s nothing a lawyer can do to help.

However, sometimes health professionals and systems make preventable errors that never should have happened. Preventable medical mistakes happen all the time, and the sad truth is that patients and family have to live with their consequences. A medical malpractice lawyer may be able to help in situations where a medical error should have been foreseen and avoided.

Do You Think That You Or A Loved One Suffered Medical Malpractice?

It’s important to consider your options if you believe that you or a family member was the subject of malpractice. Under the right circumstances, a skilled medical malpractice lawyer can help you seek compensation for the injuries that are affecting your income, quality of life, and family. If you’re seriously considering a malpractice lawsuit, it’s important that you understand what’s realistically involved.

What You Need To Know About Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice cases are expensive. We need to hire experts to review records and determine if malpractice even occurred, which can cost thousands of dollars. It can cost tens of thousands of dollars in expert witness and other disbursements to bring a case to settlement, and more still to complete a trial. At Patient Injury Law, we pay the up-front cost of disbursements in deserving cases. Generally, a client must have serious permanent injuries in order to get the compensation that justifies the effort and expense involved with a medical malpractice claim.

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It’s also difficult to win a medical malpractice lawsuit because these cases are inherently risky. You and your lawyer carry the burden of proving that a preventable mistake occurred. Not only do you start out with this disadvantage, but proving that there was a preventable mistake requires a medical understanding of the procedure that caused the injury. Furthermore, the same insurance agency represents almost every doctor in Canada and it aggressively defends its clients. Doctors win close to 85% of all malpractice lawsuits that go to trial. You usually win a medical malpractice lawsuit by settling the claim.

Patient Injury Law accepts a small number of medical malpractice cases because the cases are so expensive and risky. We don’t say this to deter you from exploring whether you have a worthwhile case — we say it so that you understand the medical malpractice playing field, and why we can’t accept a case from everyone who contacts us. If we accept your medical malpractice case, we believe you have a good case that, combined with our skill, gives you a great chance at achieving compensation for your injury or loss.

Why Pursue A Medical Malpractice Claim?

Filing a medical malpractice claim is a deeply personal decision. People who decide to move forward with their claims often need the money damages to compensate for lost income and the costs of their care. Others may want to move their claims forward based on principle. They feel they shouldn’t have to live with someone else’s serious mistake, and that the health professional or authority should understand that they made an error. Keep in mind that a lawsuit is an enormous undertaking and can only be pursued if the money damages are large enough.

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Ches Crosbie, owner of Patient Injury Law, wrote two books about medical malpractice. His books are written for consumers in easy-to-understand terms so that medical malpractice victims and their family members can educate themselves about the legal process and make the right decisions for themselves. Ches gives his books away for free and they contain a lot more information than you’ll find on this website. Click to learn how to get his free books Why Most Medical Malpractice Victims Never Recover A Dime and The Shocking Truth About Wrongful Death.

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Ches Crosbie is a respected medical malpractice lawyer in Newfoundland and Labrador. He’s had a personal injury-focused law practice for over 25 years, and for most of that time he has concentrated on helping clients who have been wronged by medical professionals and health authorities. If Patient Injury Law accepts your case, that means Ches thinks you have a good chance of getting considerable compensation for negligent medical care. Contact Patient Injury Law and we’ll see if we can help.


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