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Mr. Crosbie was recommended to us by a friend a number of years ago when we were trying to find a lawyer to represent our daughter in a medical malpractice lawsuit. Based on that recommendation, we contacted Ches Crosbie to set up an appointment. We met with Mr. Crosbie and he took the time to review our case, explain the process and answered our many questions. It was immediately clear that Mr. Crosbie had the knowledge required to effectively pursue this type of medical malpractice lawsuit, and we elected to move forward to engage Mr. Crosbie and his team on our daughter's behalf. Mr. Crosbie kept us well informed throughout the entire process. We knew exactly what was happening with our daughter's lawsuit and what the next step was going to be at any given time. We were encouraged by Mr. Crosbie and his team to contact them any time for updates, or even if it was just to ask a simple question. It was very clear that Mr. Crosbie and his team had put a lot of effort into our daughter's lawsuit and this preparation was evident in how Mr. Crosbie was able to handle any situation that came up during the legal process. This preparation and dedication to the process helped lead to a successful outcome. It was a difficult time for our entire family and it was very comforting to know that our daughter's future was in good hands. We would recommend Mr. Crosbie and his team to anybody needing a knowledgeable, confident and professional legal service.
D.R. Head and Family