What People Say

I got to know Ches as our lawyer as he sought justice for me and my son for my husband’s wrongful death. Diligence, good judgement and skill at negotiation are qualities Ches put to work in our case. I would recommend him to anyone who has been impacted by surgical negligence and trust that he will be successful in all his endeavors.
Nicole Brown
St. John's, NL
Dear Ches Crosbie, Thank you for offering your services since 2014 as a pro bono attorney for the Marystown Shipyard Families Alliance. Our committee represents, before WorkplaceNL, sick and injured workers from the former Marystown Shipyard in Marystown, NL. Since 2006, our group has been lobbying the Government of NL and WorkplaceNL not only to recognize the exposures and disease outcome from this one group of workers but also for a much needed Intake Clinic to ensure workers receive proper medical attention from those trained in occupational medicine. Thank you for listening when others would not and for volunteering your valuable time. We hope that assisting these injured workers and families will be as rewarding for you as it has been for us. Thank you,
Bernadine Bennett
Marystown Shipyard Families Alliance
Ches, congratulations on getting the VLT class action certified! The persistence and legal resourcefulness shown is truly inspiring. It's not many lawyers who get to dig back into a 300 year old statute to ground their cause of action.
Douglas Lennox
Klein Lawyers, Toronto
I have received your book and supporting information, thank you very much. The material is most informative. If and when I or my family requires legal services, we will be contacting your firm. Thank you once again, the information, and the work you did to compile it is of great service to the public.
Walter Robinson
Torbay, NL
My short stay in St. John's was one of the high points of my life, and watching you in action in court was nothing short of astonishing. Ches, you are truly a giant among lawyers. You belong on the highest appellate court. They need men with your kind of sharp mind.
Sal Fariello, Forensic Scientist
Florida, USA
You’re gooood on TV, Ches, really good. A very powerful statement. I’m glad it’s you who is working on behalf of these devastated women and families.
Elliott Leyton
St. John's, NL
Ches epitomizes the following Churchill quote: Never give in--never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.
Rick Gambrel, Trial Lawyer
British Columbia
Thanks Ches. And you are doing a FABULOUS job! Thanks for that.
Gerry Rogers
St. John's, NL
I’m really happy you’re taking this on. No one else in the Province could have done it.
St. John's Trial Lawyer
I found Ches Crosbie to be not only experienced but knowledgeable in all aspects of the legal process, including the mediation process. He treats sensitive issues with empathy and decorum and he respects his client's opinions. He responds to questions quickly and clearly with detailed, easily understood explanations. I would highly recommend Mr. Crosbie for legal representation.
Brenda Rideout
Labrador City, NL
Mr. Crosbie returned my first call within 24 hours. His communication is excellent. He's very easy to talk to, and his office makes everything very easy for a lay person to understand. I am very happy with the work they have done to this date.
Edward O'Brien
St. John's, NL
I strongly believe that Mr. Crosbie is a very successful lawyer and he is the best lawyer that I've ever dealt with. He has a unique way of representing his clients and giving them the feeling of relief and courage by assuring them that he will always do his best to do what is best for them.
Mr. Crosbie is a very approachable man. He is very straightforward and very caring. I would trust him to represent me in any legal matter.
Daphne Coffin
Wonderful article in today's Telegram, richly deserved. What I really like about what you are doing, Ches, is that you are putting information into the hands of the common man. I think for many years the average Newfoundlander would have been afraid to fight for their rights because they feared the unknown and feared a system which they felt was above them. You have been successful in accomplishing something that others have not, you have made yourself and your firm approachable and accessible and more importantly you have made it understandable. That is not a small feat. Congratulations Ches!
Kay LeMessurier
St. John's, NL
Heard you on Open Line radio show. It's really great that you would write a book like that. They don't make lawyers like you anymore!
John Callahan
St. John's, NL
God love him! It's admirable for anyone in the law business to go that extra step to help a client by making information readily available. Thanks for your book!
Janice Marshall
St. John's, NL
I have read the latest Statement of Claim over and over again and find so much relief in so doing. Paragraph 60 and the reference to the principles of fundamental justice is what I have been fighting for more than 13 years. Governments should never have been permitted to wreak such pain for so long. I am so grateful to you for your courage and the values that keep you fighting. They are what give meaning to our lives. Let us hope our broken hearts will find some peace with your success in the courts.
Phyllis Vineberg and Family
On behalf of the victims of what happened in Newfoundland and Labrador, and your exemplary services, I would like to thank you and offer my highest praise.
Daniel Jolicoeur
It was a pleasure listening to you speak today at Law Hour. I was wondering if you might be able to email me a copy of the paper that you read today. It was inspiring to listen to you re-affirm the belief I had prior to entering law school - that lawyers, like everyone else, truly can be happy if they pursue their passions. I think your paper would serve as an invaluable tool to refer back to from time to time as I journey through law school and into my professional career. Thank you for taking the time to come and speak to us today.
Paul Truc
Student at Dalhousie Law School
I didn't feel intimidated at all. First when I met him, he's very down to earth. He makes you feel at ease, if you have any questions, he's right there to answer whatever questions you have. I would definitely recommend Ches Crosbie. He's the best. And if I ever had to come back, I'd definitely come back to Ches."
Angela George
St. John's, NL
Ches is a man of the utmost integrity. He's upfront and to the point with his clients. He will not mislead you in any way. If he feels you don't have a good case he'll tell you right at the start… Thank you, Ches. "You're The Best."
Georgina Lush-Somerton
Mount Pearl, NL
Mr. Crosbie, Your efforts and perseverance have succeeded in holding those responsible for the turmoil caused in a lot of lives to justice, I compliment you and your hard working staff for their determination and preparation. You have showed professionalism and accuracy in covering all the bases, and I thank you for the ongoing updates. May God bless you and may you always have fair winds to your sails.
Ignatius Dunne
I'm relieved to know that closure is in sight to the letter that brought "my personal world crumbling" over 3 years ago with the notification that my original pathology of 1997 had been botched! It has been a long drawn out process! I feel as a result of the Cameron Enquiry lessons have been learned and hopefully future diagnoses will be diligently viewed through the lens of "state of the art" equipment only. Thank you Mr. Crosbie for your dedication, perseverance, and bringing justice back to the "health care" table --- you are to be highly commended for your representation.
Vivian Templeman
Logy Bay, NL
Thank you very much for your promptness and generosity in sending us your book. It is truly appreciated by us and our family. Many thanks.
Mike & Gloria McHugh
St. John's, NL
Thank you so much for caring enough to fight for justice for me; and handling the courts and the paperwork. God bless you and all who worked on the cases.
A Breast Cancer Testing Class Member
Dear Mr. Crosbie: I did see the Evening Telegram and the lady on NTV who had received her cheque but, of course, had no idea of the amount. Today, I received my cheque and was more than pleased and surprised by the amount. I want to thank you again from the very bottom of my heart and will always remember what you have done for us. Hopefully, for others, this mistake will never happen again. I am also happy to be able to say I am enjoying good health and looking forward to enjoying good fortune you have brought our way.
Rosalyn Young
Lewisporte, NL
Even though I will not be a plaintiff, I appreciate the work you are doing to bring this issue to the attention of the Newfoundland and Labrador government. I think it will be an important precedent set and perhaps spur other governments, like Ontario to consider preventative measures sorely neglected in the past.
Cathy Gibson
Ches Crosbie is regarded by his peers as one of the most disciplined and aggressive lawyers in the province.
Craig Westcott
The Business Post
Ches, A very thought-provoking article that reflects a great deal of scholarly consideration by the author! Well researched & well-done. And thanks so much for sending it along! All the best!
Dr. John Bonn
I have been involved with Mr. Crosbie in a professional and business capacity since 2008. This has included my own personal work as a nursing expert and on a corporate level, locating healthcare experts and providing class action support. At all times, Mr. Crosbie has been a professional, courageous, and passionate advocate for his clients. I have watched him embrace new and interesting opportunities with daring and purpose. He has a willingness to learn whatever he needs to know to help his clients succeed. He has a type of courage that could be described as advocacy without intimidation which is supported by his keen intelligence, desire for justice and a disarming sense of humor.
Chris Rokosh, CanLNC Experts
Calgary, AB
Working with Ches, I've been privileged to watch him in various settings. What is remarkable is how consistent he is when dealing with different people in a variety of contexts. He treats friend and foe, client and stranger, judge and colleague with a consistent level of courtesy and integrity. His power of persuasion and skills as an advocate derive from a degree of humility and depth of understanding rarely found in the field of civil litigation. Ches is the living embodiment of the concept that you can achieve more success with honey than vinegar.
Steven Cooper, Lawyer
Chesley Crosbie, is considered "the most well regarded plaintiff class-action lawyer in Newfoundland." Among peers in that region, praise is resounding and unanimous. One competitor offers "Ches is quirky and peculiar but the best in the city, he works very diligently and is very competent. He recently handled a breast injury class action, which was worth $15 million." Still another assesses, "He's very effective, and he's also very creative and knowledgeable. He will push the matter forward."
Benchmark Canada 2015
The Definitive Guide to Canada's Leading Litigation Firms and Attorneys
Either the judges in the majority are super or you made them smart – bits of both I suspect.
I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the regular updates. It has been a long time in the process. But I do have faith that justice will prevail in the end and value the efforts being put forward. Thank you!
Patricia Way
Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL
Hi ... I just wanted you to know how very much I appreciate the Work being done with the Residential School Students, and am finding the Newsletters to be very helpful and Informative.
Edna McLean
Northwest River, NL
We heard your interview on CBC this am. I love how well you get your point across. Fantastic job, as usual. It again makes us so blessed & proud to have you on our side.
Linda Bishop
Goulds, NL
Since Mr. Crosbie has agreed to represent me as part of a much larger group, I have found him to be knowledgeable, informative, prompt and very approachable. He has demonstrated a very good understanding of our issues and has represented us with compassion and commitment before the judicial system. At each step of the way, he has kept us very much involved, has sought our advice when he felt it necessary, and has been quick to keep us informed of all significant developments as they occur. I am very impressed with Mr. Crosbie, both as a professional and a concerned individual.
Minnie Hoyles
Mr. Crosbie has offered, in my opinion, the very best of legal advice. His expertise in the field I am currently involved in is outstanding, and I thank him.
Ruby Wellon
I write to congratulate you first of all for being named the recipient of the Hillyer Award, secondly for making time to write your book on "Why Most Medical Malpractice Victims Never Recover a Dime", and thirdly for your remarkable work helping others through your great skill as a lawyer… My family will watch with interest for its release and I have a hunch it will become a standard text for law schools!
Averill Piers Baker
Gander, NL
Canada is not an easy place to win a medical malpractice case. But, having the right information from a trusted lawyer early after a medical mishap can significantly increase your chance of success. Residents of Newfoundland and Labrador are very fortunate to have access to one of the Canadian plaintiff bar's brightest stars in Ches Crosbie. His book "Why Most Medical Malpractice Victims Never Recover a Dime" is a must-read by everyone who suspects that they or a loved one have been failed by the medical system. Ches has literally dedicated years of his long legal career exposing fatal flaws in hospitals, clinics and at the hands of doctors. If I were contemplating a claim in Newfoundland and Labrador, I would do nothing until I read this important book.
Brenda Hollingsworth, Injury Lawyer
Ottawa, ON
As a medical malpractice lawyer for almost twenty years, I know how critically important it is to educate those who have been harmed or injured at the hands of careless and negligent health care providers. In his book "Why Most Medical Malpractice Victims Never Recover a Dime," Ches Crosbie provides no nonsense answers to medical malpractice victims and their loved ones and offers the rare insight into the mind of one of Canada's leading medical malpractice lawyers. Ches' book provides a frank reality check into the law and world of medical malpractice law, your likelihood of success on the merits, and what it takes to successfully win your medical malpractice case. Nevertheless, you can rest assured, if Ches Crosbie agrees to accept your case and represent you, the odds are that you will get the compensation you deserve - from an aggressive, experienced, and respected specialized medical malpractice lawyer.
Jeffrey Rasansky, Attorney
Dallas, Texas
Ches is a formidable opponent, very knowledgeable. I think he is probably one of the most knowledgeable practitioners in the medical legal field.
Peter Browne, Physician Defence Lawyer
St. John's, NL
I like to deal with Ches Crosbie more than anybody. He's very thorough. He gets back to you as soon as he can. I have a lot of respect for Ches. He likes to push the law and push the envelope of the law.
Dan Boone, Hospital Defence Lawyer
St. John's, NL
Thank you, very much. Illness has slowed me down, and I'm just getting started reading (your medical malpractice book). I found your website very helpful, straightforward, and gave me a much more realistic view of the law and medical malpractice. I also appreciate that you have this material for people to read. To the average person, the law and even medicine can be puzzling, when things go wrong is when you start learning about medical politics...and just to what extent someone will go to bury up serious mistakes. Thank you very much, and I most likely will get back to you, shortly...Kind regards.
Joanne Raggetty
Mr. Crosbie was recommended to us by a friend a number of years ago when we were trying to find a lawyer to represent our daughter in a medical malpractice lawsuit. Based on that recommendation, we contacted Ches Crosbie to set up an appointment. We met with Mr. Crosbie and he took the time to review our case, explain the process and answered our many questions. It was immediately clear that Mr. Crosbie had the knowledge required to effectively pursue this type of medical malpractice lawsuit, and we elected to move forward to engage Mr. Crosbie and his team on our daughter's behalf. Mr. Crosbie kept us well informed throughout the entire process. We knew exactly what was happening with our daughter's lawsuit and what the next step was going to be at any given time. We were encouraged by Mr. Crosbie and his team to contact them any time for updates, or even if it was just to ask a simple question. It was very clear that Mr. Crosbie and his team had put a lot of effort into our daughter's lawsuit and this preparation was evident in how Mr. Crosbie was able to handle any situation that came up during the legal process. This preparation and dedication to the process helped lead to a successful outcome. It was a difficult time for our entire family and it was very comforting to know that our daughter's future was in good hands. We would recommend Mr. Crosbie and his team to anybody needing a knowledgeable, confident and professional legal service.
D.R. Head and Family
Mr. Crosbie, Thank you for being my lawyer. You did a fantastic job with my settlement.
St. John's, NL
I ordered one of Mr. Crosbie's books and found the information interesting and informative. I later spoke to a lawyer in his office for advice regarding my husband's treatment at the Cancer Clinic. I called for information about medical malpractice and negligence, quite an eye opener for me being a retired Registered nurse.
Susan White
St. John's, NL
I want to say a few words about a real hero in the minds of a lot of Newfoundlanders. When I was in need of a legal opinion only one name came to mind and that was, Ches Crosbie. I had never met the man but my impression of him was a person of compassion, honesty, sincere and a good listener. I was not disappointed as he was every bit of that plus more. He took the time to listen to my issues and left me with the impression that he had a desire to seek justice and fairness for his clients. In my mind he treats people as equal that alone puts him in a class of his own.
Jim Skinner